CleanMyMac X (12-Mo Subscription)

CleanMyMac X (12-Mo Subscription)
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CleanMyMac X | Clean up & optimize your Mac



CleanMyMac X is a smart Mac cleaning utility that clears unnecessary clutter and boosts your Mac performance. Scan your Mac for outdated junk files that waste space and remove them with a click — there’s no easier way to keep your Mac clean & fast!

Clean up old junk & clutter

CleanMyMac X chases junk in all corners of your macOS. It cleans unneeded files, like outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and useless app leftovers. You can remove tons of clutter and even locate gigabytes of large hidden files that make that “Other” storage category grow bigger.


Speed up your Mac performance

Every time your Mac stalls, you get a full deck of speedup tools to rely upon: freeing up RAM, running maintenance scripts, managing login items, and hung applications. These will lessen your system load and tune the Mac for maximum performance.


Remove Mac-specific malware

If your Mac feels extra slow and you see pop-ads all the time, it’s time to scan for malware. CleanMyMac X fights all Mac-specific threats, including trojans, adware, cryptocurrency miners, and other malware. When an issue is found, the app deletes it right away. It also protects you in real-time, notifying you in case you’re downloading something suspicious.


Manage all your apps easily

To make your Mac more organized, you get a cool duo of Uninstaller and Updater. The former fully removes unneeded apps, and the latter instantly updates all of your software. Bad apps go away, and new ones always arrive on time. This helps sort out software conflicts and keeps your Mac forever young.


Enjoy a user-friendly interface & quirky sounds

You’ll fall in love with the look and feel of the app: navigate its vibrant side menu to choose modules and simply hit the round button to start scanning. You will hear a chiming sound when the scan is complete — all it takes is pressing Clean to clear the clutter.


A safe way to remove files

CleanMyMac X doesn’t touch system files and other important documents: it shows all the junk it finds and lets you review the files before deletion. Moreover, the app is notarized by Apple, making it 100% safe for your Mac.




  • macOS X 10.10 or later
Languages available: English, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. 
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